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We are Led By Dreams C.I.C

We aim to help victims understand the signs of domestic violence.

Led By Dreams CIC is a new organisation with significant expertise in Domestic Violence.

We are creating innovative products and services and collaborating with organisations and agencies to provide support to Domestic Abuse survivors.

Domestic Abuse

Home Office Definition

(This is not a legal definition).

“Any incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive, threatening behaviour, violence or abuse between those aged 16 or over who are, or have been, intimate partners or family members regardless of gender or sexuality.”
“The abuse can be manifested in many ways including: psychologically, physically, sexually, financially, and emotionally.”

About Domestic Abuse

Led By Dreams CIC offers a range of support resources for victim of Domestic Violence and Abuse who need support or direction.

Don’t become a statistic – become a survivor


  • Domestic Abuse decreases your life expectancy and that of your children at birth
  • On average 2 women are killed every week by their current or ex-partner
  • 10 women each week commit suicide to escape an abusive relationship
  • Domestic abuse is one of the strongest risk factors for suicide attempts
  • 40% of women attend hospital for Domestic Abuse on the day they die


assaults happen before the police are called


of women have said they've been assaulted


of domestic abuse starts during pregnancy

the average length of a DV relationship in years


of women are killed by their partner

Support Resources & Services

Led By Dreams C.I.C offers a range of support services and resources for victims, and organisations including Freedom Packs, Bespoke Workshops and materials all designed to help and support those who are suffering or want to learn more about Domestic Violence.

Domestic Abuse Facts

  • Domestic abuse costs the economy approximately £16 billion
  • 56% of abused women are late 5 times per month
  • 58% of abused women miss 3 days per month
  • 75% of victims are targeted at work 



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