Customer Testimonials

Very thought provoking...
Fantastic content...very relevant! All healthcare professionals should do this!
Made a massive impact to my practice...
This has really helped me to understand how my practice needs to change...
Excellent session. Very powerful and informative...
I found this training invaluable.
Provides an incredible insight and was given perspective on domestic violence. Thank you!
Made much more realistic by looking from victims / survivors perspective and how long it may take them to open up and what they can hide for so long.
I found the course to be a great learning curve and I know I will take lots away with me today and how to be more aware of Domestic Violence.
Thank you so much, I will endeavour to integrate this into my daily nursing care and it will help me to recognise signs/symptoms and help other women / men in the future.
Very thought provoking and emotive. Made me review my own approach and preconceived opinions about victims of domestic abuse.
Very powerful and informative workshop. Have learnt a lot. Makes such a difference to have a personal view and insight.
Thank you very much for this course. It has been very useful for me. I think everyone must have this course in any time of their lives. Domestic abuse is a real problem in our society and we must put a solution as quick as we can.
Very useful and helpful course. It is very useful when you are working in A&E where you can find a lot of attendance about DV. Really interesting presentation and I consider really important the real experience showed in the course.
Really useful to hear from victim perspective and realise what people may not know and how important the language we use is in addition to repeated enquiry. Thank you
Shame it did not go for longer, felt we were just getting into really well with good interaction when it was time to finish. Great session well done!
Excellent workshop. Really understand the underpinning and triggers of domestic violence, sign and symptoms of domestic violence.
The course was well presented. Open and often frank discussions.
Very interesting to hear from someone who has lived through such a horrific experience really highlights why they won't always disclose, but shows why persistence with each contact is so important. I've always felt, "why don't they just leave?" but this highlights why.
Definitely will inform my practice in the future. Has made me more aware and helped me to think outside the box. Thank you
Enlightening and informative. Some excellent tools to inform and change my practice.
Interesting session. Helpful and useful for practice.
Very powerful having a victim presenting the session.
Very emotional, but very insightful too.
Wonderfully presented, essential training session for any health care professional or personal involved with the public. The whole session was valuable and well put together.
I will definitely take what I have learnt back to our workplace and make improvements to our practice.
Brilliant workshop. It has made me realise problems that I didn't realise were domestic abuse. Good to talk as a group about different ideas and experiences and how to overcome them.
A massively worthwhile study session. An area which all health professionals should have a greater awareness and consideration of because domestic abuse is such a common problem which can affect anyone.
Everyone would benefit from this course. Very hard hitting.
Thank you for very informative course on DV.
Very helpful having someone who has gone through DV explaining what is helpful / not helpful. More relevant.

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